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St. Petersburg (96 images)

St. Petersburg, Russia was our 2nd Port of the Cruise. We spent two days at this port. Our tour guide was one fearsome lady name Ludmila. You might see her in some of these photos. We visited a bunch of the treasures in St. Petersburg and in the areas surrounding. The entire time we were there Olivia and I wanted to sing tunes from Anastasia. "Heart don't fail me now, courage don't desert me, don't turn back now that we're here..."

Among some of the highlights were Catherine's Palace in Pushkin where we couldn't get in at first so our guide tried to get us to slip in one by one from the exit. That's why the order of the pictures lead from outside the gates of the front of Catherine Palace, to the garden in the rear where our guide tried to get us to sneak in, then to inside the palace when we entered legally, then back to the garden in the rear again where we finally exited.

We also visited Peter and Paul Fortress and Cathedral where the remains of all the Russian Tsars are buried dating back from Emperor Peter The Great (or Peter I) to Tsar Nicolas II, the Spilled Blood Cathedral which was built where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Grand Palace of Peterhof with it's magnificent fountains, and 5 buildings of the Hermitage museum.

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